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DAFFODILS: NZ Film Commission & Raglan Films. Director: David Stubbs, Producer: Richard Fletcher. Theatrical Release March 2019

POPPY: NZ Film Commission feature. Director: Linda Niccol, Producers: Robin Laing, Alex Cole-Baker. 2020 Cinema release

HEAVEN & HELL: The Centrepoint Story, Director: Thomas Robins, Producer: Phillipa Rennie, Warner Brothers NZ, TVNZ (DOP for drama content)

MISTRESS MERCY: NZ on Air & Gibson Group. Television New Zealand Sunday Night Drama on TV1. Directed by: Mike Smith, Produced by Gary Scott. Television broadcast August 2018

BELIEF: The Possession of Janet Moses: Feature film,  Director David Stubbs,  KHF Media, NZ Film Commission, Role: Director of Photography

NO MANS LAND:  Feature length concert film.  Directed by John Psathas. Role: Director of Photography

GOOD FOR NOTHING: Feature film. Director Mike Wallis,  Production: Mi Films,  Role: Cinematographer

AFTERSHOCK: Television feature, Director Brendan Donovan, Production: Gibson Group, Role: 2nd unit DP.

TANGIWAI: Television feature, Director Charlie Haskell, Production: Lippy Pictures, Role: 'B' camera operator,  



GIRL vs BOY (series 2 & 3): Television drama series.  Production: KHF Media  Role: Director of Photography.

THE TRIBE, (series 3,4,5): Television drama series, Production: Cloud 9, Role: ‘B’ Camera Operator

PARADISE CAFÉ, (Series 1): Television drama series,  Production: Gibson Group, Role ‘B’ Camera Operator



COCONUT: Short film,  Director Charlie Bleakley, Production: IBC Films, Role: Director of Photography.

THE WITCH AND THE WOODSMAN:  Short film, Director: Dan Story, Role: Director of Photography.

LONG WEEKEND: Short film, Director Charlie Bleakely, Role: Director of Photography.

JACKELS: Short film, Director Bradley Warden, Role: Director of Photography.

THE LAST NIGHT:  Short film, Director David Strong, Production: Morepork Films, Role: Director of Photography.


VISUAL EFFECTS - Feature films

TINTIN: THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN:  Director: Steven Spielberg, Production: Weta Digital, Role: MoCap Camera Operator NZ

THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY Director Peter Jackson, Production: Weta Digital,  Role: Lead MoCap Camera Operator

THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG Director Peter Jackson, Production: Weta Digital,  Role: Lead MoCap Camera Operator

THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES Director Peter Jackson, Production: Weta Digital,  Role: Lead MoCap Camera Operator

THE AVENGERS:  Director Joss Whedon, Production: Marvel Studios &  Weta Digital, Role: Lead Mocap Camera Operator USA

RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES:  Director Rupert Wyatt, Production: Weta Digital, Role: Mocap Camera Operator NZ



ALL IN THE MIND. Gibson Group & NZ on Air documentary for PrimeTV. Directed by Alex Clark, Produced by Gary Scott. Role: Director of Photography

CREATE TOGETHER: YouTube original, for HitRECORD, Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt (New Zealand segments). *This series was nominated for an Emmy award for Outstanding Interactive program - 2021

THE REAL LEAP FORWARD.  BBC World, Part of BBC World Series ‘Life’. Documentary looking at the rapid development of China’s economy. 

JANE GOODALL'S - CHINA DIARY: National Geographic. Documentary following scientist Jane Goodall in China.

BECAUSE THEY’RE WORTH IT: Part of BBC World Series ‘Life’. Documentary looking at the UN’s micro-loans scheme to help the poorest people in rural China. 

A LINE IN THE SAND: BBC World Series ‘Earth Report’. Documentary looking at the rapid advancement of China’s deserts

INSIDE NATURES GIANTS: THE GIANT SQUID Channel 4 UK. Dissecting the giant squid. Role: Camera operator

THE MYSTERY OF EASTER ISLAND. From the series NOVA for national Geographic television. Produced by Committee Films

THE SECRET LIFE OF DANCERS, Production: Eyeworks. Series follows the Royal New Zealand Ballet for a season.

MEET THE FROCKERS, Production: Eyeworks. Series following wedding dress designers.

GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS: Following Gene Simmons and the rock band 'KISS' on their NZ tour. 

HERE TO STAY- Series 2, TV ONE,  Production: Gibson group.  History series about New Zealand immigrants.

FIJI HEARTS- ASIA DOWNUNDER, TV ONE, Production: Asia Vision Documentary following a NZ surgical team to Fiji to perform free open-heart surgery. 

DESTINATION NZ’: SERIES 1 & 2, Channel 7 Australia.  Production: Gription TV. Two 12 part travel series around New Zealand. 

TOUGH ACT (10 part series), TV2, Production: Gibson Group. Following acting students for their first year at the New Zealand drama school. 

DOG SQUAD: Reality Series, Production: Cream TV, (for TVNZ One) Following dog handlers with the New Zealand police force in rapid response emergency situations, search & arrest of suspects.

WILD VETS: Reality series, Production Cream TV (for TVNZ ONE). Following department of Conservation vets as they work with native species populations.

AUCTION HOUSE: Reality series, Production Cream TV (for TVNZ ONE), following auction house experts as they travel the country finding and appraising art & historical collections for specialty auctions.




NEW ZEALAND POLICE "Penni's story" : Production: Krafthaus Films, Agency: M & C Saatchi's

NEW ZEALAND POLICE "Deanne's story" : Production: Krafthaus Films, Agency: M & C Saatchi’s

MASSEY UNIVERSITY (series): Production: Krafthaus Films, Agency: Tracta

THE ROXY (series): Producer: Jamie Selkirk, Director: Mike Wallis

COLGATE:  (Series)  Production: Krafthaus Films

EECA Energy Spot: (Series)  Production: Firstlight Films

PROBLEM GAMBLING: (series),  Production: Ultimate productions

VTNZ (Vehicle testing NZ):  Production: Ultimate productions, Agency: Capiche

NZ Wood: Production: Ultimate Productions, Agency: Capiche

QUITLINE: (Series) Production: Ultimate productions. Agency: GSL Network

SPCA CHRISTMAS APPEAL: Production: Krafthaus Films.

SORTED JOURNEYS: (Series)  Production: Teacup Productions, Agency: GSL Network

QUITLINE: (Series) Production: Teacup Productions, Agency: GSL Network

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