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Early in his career Mathew was based in Beijing, China, working on a wide range of documentaries for international broadcasters including BBC World and National Geographic. This work took him to Russia, Mongolia, China, Tibet and Vietnam. After returning to New Zealand his work expanded to include visual effects shooting on major international features and Cinematographer on a variety of New Zealand films. Working for Peter Jacksons Weta Digital as Lead Motion Capture Camera Operator, Mathew has worked with Director Steven Speilberg on the TINTIN film SECRET OF THE UNICORN, Marvel’s blockbuster THE AVENGERS and Peter Jackson’s THE HOBBIT trilogy. 

Mathew’s work as cinematographer include’s the feature film ‘GOOD FOR NOTHING’ and the docu-drama BELIEF: THE POSSESSION OF JANET MOSES. He also made the orchestral concert film NO MANS LAND for Composer John Psathas. This world symphony project featured over one hundred and fifty musicians travelling to and performing on the battlefield locations of the first world war and was filmed in Poland, France, Belgium, India and New Zealand as part of the one hundred commemorations. 

Recently Mathew completed principle photography on the New Zealand Film Commission feature DAFFODILS, and the tele-movie MISTRESS MERCY.



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